Martin Garrix brings out David Guetta and Tiësto for a b2b2b ADE-venture [Watch]

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Martin Garrix brings out David Guetta and Tiësto for a b2b2b ADE-venture [Watch]Martin Garri Breach

Martin Garrix may no longer be considered the world’s No. 1 DJ by some, but that isn’t to say that the Dutch-born superstar isn’t still upping his game. Garrix returned home to ADE Oct. 16-20, bringing a two-night showcase back to Amsterdam’s RAI Convention Centre, where he debuted his ANIMA live show this time last year. While the program for Friday night event promised that the world-renowned house producer was planning to “wow the crowd once again,” fans were left wondering what exactly he had up his short, black sleeves.

Garrix’s set gave fans a taste of tracks that are coming down the pipe, with this ID being about as fresh as it gets, but the showstopping moment came when dance music icons David Guetta and Tiësto joined the headlining Garrix for an ultra-rare back-to-back-to-back set among three of the industry’s top main stage acts. As exciting of a moment as it was for fans, it’s also great to see Garrix walking the walk after referencing his mentor Tiësto earlier in the week.

“I really don’t care, the so-called world ranking,” Garrix said. “I don’t need a list to do what I like. I [was] at 1, yes. And Tiësto is very many places below me. That doesn’t make sense, does it? I started playing music through him. I am not a better DJ than him, maybe now I just have a bit more hype around me...”

Photo credit: Rukes