Conan Mac crafts temperate visual for ‘All Again’ [Watch]

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Conan Mac crafts temperate visual for ‘All Again’ [Watch]2 Press Shot

There’s a warm sense of nostalgia that permeates Conan Mac’s visual for “All Again,” which begins with a fateful knock at a lover’s door. As luck–and the developmental arc–of the music video will have it, the female flame answers.

And, in what is both a reversal of the male protagonist’s initial fortuitousness and the first gesture to the tenuous nature of the couple’s relationship, with a negating shake of her head she closes the door. A moment’s rumination prompts her to haphazardly pack a bag and dash out the door to the forest green Fiat parked in the driveway. Here, the adventure begins.

‘All Again’ was written about a make or break weekend – a final chance to fix things up and forget the past….the video [tells] a story of a struggling relationship held together by hope, one last chance, and a convertible Fiat.


“All Again” traces the pair’s as they galavant across the sand on the beach, speed through the streets, windows down, roast marshmallows, and whimsically explore the boardwalk arcade. The visual fittingly ends with a vibrantly hued sunset that provides the finale to the video and, as the production suggests, to the relationship that it chronicles. The video arrives as a satiating narrative extension of the story that Mac tells on “All Again.”