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Breaking: Eric Prydz gives release date and more details for new Cirez D record

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Eric Prydz reveals the release date of his Pryda remix for 'On Off' as well as his new Cirez D original, 'The Accuser.'Read More

deadmau5 & ATTLAS – bad at titles

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DOWNLOAD: deadmau5: Tweets by deadmau5 ATTLAS: Tweets by attlas mau5trap: Tweets by mau5trap [COPYRIGHTS] If any Producer/Artist has any concern with the uploads (including Background Images) please write to us at and we will make sure that the content is removed from our channel immediately.

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Wax Motif releases new ‘Tokyo’ EP with Confession

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LA-based producer Wax Motif has released his new Tokyo EP on Tchami's Confession record label. This marks the second original release from the DJ this year.Read More