Deadpool 2 gets a taste of Diplo with new track, ‘Welcome To The Party’

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Diplo has enlisted a lengthy convoy of rap and vocal talent, including French Montana, Lil Pump, and Zhavia Ward, for his latest track, “Welcome To The Party,” that is set to be featured on the official motion picture soundtrack for the heavily anticipated Deadpool 2, out May 18.

It’s not terribly difficult to envision the absurdly comical, fourth-wall-breaking Deadpool plunging into a fight scene to the sound of the track’s epochal bass and forthright trap beat. While both French Montana and Lil Pump are each assigned their own verses, Zhavia, a former contestant on Fox‘s talent competition, The Four, delivers a short, but high-energy hook.

In Diplo’s lyric Youtube video, a lone, animated, and flower-crowned Deadpool is seen doing a number of popular internet dances, including the shoot dance and the floss dance.

Photo Credit: Direct Lyrics