Filous Gives ‘Summer’ a Beautifully Dreamy Re-work

Category: EDM NEWS

Listen here: Filous Gives ‘Summer’ a Beautifully Dreamy Re-work

Calvin Harris’ latest original piece ‘Summer’ has continued the world’s wealthiest DJ’s streak of chart topping hits. The analogy ridden vocals and catchy big room beat are enough to keep this one playing through both the radio and main stage speakers for well, the rest of the summer. Filous has take the progressive track and given it a slowed down chill out vibe.

With beautiful dreamy vocals and deep elements the remix is much more romantic and emotional. It is total relaxation in a tune while still keeping the catching melody of the original. This is the perfect track for a long car ride with the windows down or a day at the beach. And unlike Calvin’s love in the song, you will fall in love with this one long before the leaves start turning brown. So check it out and grab the free download through the artist’s Soundcloud!