SFX receives $20 Million in funding from undisclosed investor

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A rupture has occurred in the continuously devolving luck of Robert Sillerman's event company, SFX Entertainment. According to New York Post, SFX has now received $20 Million in funding from an undisclosed source.Read More

Korg unveils new $500 analog synth: Minilogue

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One doesn't typically associate affordability with analog gear, but Korg's newest synth, the Minilogue, looks to be a reasonably priced offering with exceptional functionality.Read More

Sleep (Surround) Sound in this Bed

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Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re laying in the grass, vibing out at a festival and you can literally feel the music through the ground? Imagine if the ground underneath you was actually your king sized bed, and you could have that feeling every time you laid down to go to sleep. An English sound artist, Kaffe Matthews, is pretty close to making that happen with his design of the “Sonic Bed”. These beds include a surround sound speaker system built into the bed frame, basically making them a portable concert venue that you can have

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